Steps of Being (and Staying) Positive

Have you ever experienced waking up at the wrong side of the bed, and you felt being so ticked off? That you feel like if one thing around personally I believe in the concept of the “energy”. It takes a lot of forms; we can perform tasks thanks to this so called “energy” Wherein if you think positive, the more you feel happy.


Be with the people who think and speak positively

Yes, well this works so well,

I read an article by Vanessa Ann Lea entitled

How Much Does Positive Energy Affect Your Life?

According to her, we’ll feel much better if we’re surrounded

with people with good vibes. It’s an aspect that helps us to be

happy, to be content…


Have a journal and express yourself!

Have a journal with you (may it be a small notebook or anything at all) Write in your journal, and be creative (if you want to draw in the journal then do as you wish!) As long as you express yourself, write all of your feelings into that journal and make sure that you write positive solutions.


Look up! Count the clouds

Say it’s a Sunday morning, if you wake up early around 7am – 9am. Go outside, and look up at the sky! And count the clouds (yes, it’s impossible to count the clouds) but do this as a way to relieve yourself from stress. It’s always good to appreciate the simple things, especially the skies and the clouds.


For me, it’s so good when I see people with smile written on their faces, I’m thankful sole reason that it makes me forget about why.

Keep on counting your blessings

This is usually basic, like being thankful for the simple things we have.

Mediate Yourself with More Positivity

If your day didn’t go well, shrug it off; instead surround yourself with the good and positive stuff.

Again I read this from Vanessa Ann Lea’s article How Much Does Positive Energy Affect Your Life?  Never allow yourself to be with to be affected by negative things, do not succumb to these things.

What do I mean, it’s always good to watch funny movies or watch funny TV shows.

What you watch can really affect you, especially if watch the news when it’s about a person who lives off by having troubles… okay, well you get the picture. An alternative could be watching comedy and funny shows or movies… Also at least read at least a page of a good book.




Meditate and Self-Talk

Talk to yourself… (Yes, very serious) Take the time to rejuvenate by saying a simple mantra like saying “I can do this”. Now close your eyes and say this to yourself. Avoid the words that associate to negativity like boring, tired, scared, upset. Avoid those words. Instead look at these words “I am happy, I’m ready” Repeat the positive words, remember that you will use these in each day.

Always bear this in mind and say: I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.




How about you? I want to hear your thoughts as well? How do you stay positive? What do you do to stay positive?


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Picture this for a moment, you’re at a park and you sit by a bench then a girl comes by looking asks you “Do I look pretty?”

How would you respond to this girl?

Well, it still depends on what you say to this girl then?

This is the part where the words of wisdom plays…